Last Minute Campaigning For Montgomery Co. Probate Judge Race


By Catalina Trivino

There's just two days left until the general election, but the presidential race isn't getting all the attention in Alabama.  Judge Reese McKinney and Steven Reed are campaigning for every last vote in the race for Montgomery County Probate Judge.

It's the final sprint before election day -- and Montgomery County's Probate Judge seat is up for grabs.

Businessman, Steven Reed, hopes he can be a new leader in Montgomery County, but he's up against a big challenger, incumbent probate judge, Reese McKinney, who seeks his third term.

"Continuing to go to events, events, events. We're working very hard to keep our name and keep our image out in the community," Said McKinney when asked about his last-minute campaign strategies.

"Knocking on doors as you can probably see from my dress. We're trying to reach voters in as many places as we can. We're reaching out to them via internet, via Facebook and Twitter. We're trying to reach them every way we can," Said Reed.

Both candidates are working around the clock with last minute campaigning. More than a dozen volunteers for McKinney's campaign spent Sunday getting the word out to vote.

"By engaging our volunteers by going into the neighborhoods spreading the good news and all information so that voters can be prepared on Tuesday," Said McKinney campaign volunteer, Karen Jones.

Meanwhile, volunteers for Reed's campaign are using social media to reach voters. They're also making personal connections by spending their weekends going door-to-door.

"We've been handing out fliers, talking to the different students and the kids around the area," Said Reed campaign volunteer, Samantha Jones.

"We've had a pep rally at ASU -- Alabama State University," Said another Reed campaign volunteer, Juquilla Robinson.

Both candidates say they will continue to push for the win until voting closes.

Don't forget to vote for your other local candidates on November 6 -- Dan Harris faces Ham Wilson for the District 1 seat for County Commissioner; Allen Howell faces Dimitri Polizos for the District 3 position; and Don Williams is running against Durden Dean for Montgomery County's Board of Education District 2 seat.