Governor Bentley Asks ASU Board Members To Resign


By Alabama News Network

Governor Robert Bentley is asking the top two members of the Alabama State University Board of Trustees to step down.

Elton Dean and Marvin Wiggins are the chairman and vice-chairman of the board.
Just yesterday, the student government president asked for the same thing. 
He says he's delighted that the governor is backing him up. 
The news of Governor Bentley's request came as a bit of surprise to SGA President Darren Dubose.
He says it means a lot to have the governor in his corner.
"It feels good that he supports the students because I represent the 5,000 plus here at Alabama State. To have the governor support the students, that makes me feel delighted that he supports the 5,000 plus at ASU," said Dubose. 
Dubose says it's time for change after several accreditation downgrades over the last several months. 
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools cited sanctions of conflicts of interest and financial instability just last week.
We could not reach Marvin Wiggins, but Elton Dean had this to say when we asked him about receiving the governor's letter earlier today. 
"I'm not, I'm not talking about it. No, no, no. I'm getting a feel for it, ok?" said Dean.
ASU president Gwendolyn Boyd said in a statement that the university will respectfully continue to move forward until the issues are resolved. 
Some students at ASU are happy to see Dubose and the governor taking action on their behalf. 
"If the governor has to step in then theres something seriously wrong with the university. Like, the SGA presidnet already wrote a letter of resignation asking the board of trustees to step down. So if the governor has to step in, then you know there's something going on. And I think that's a good sign because it means alabama state can move forward as a university," said student Michael Ward.
"If the SGA is president says they need to resign, then there's got to be something going on. If the SGA president is saying he wants them to resign, them I'm full 100% behind him," agreed student Brandon Moore. 
Both men have until 5 o'clock on Thursday to voluntarily resign.