Former Gov. Don Siegelman's Son Speaks Out


By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery -- Former Governor Don Siegelman's family isn't giving up the fight for his release from federal prison. For the first time since his father reported back to prison in September, his son Joseph Siegelman is speaking exclusively to Alabama News Network.

"I'm 24-years-old. From when the investigation started, this has been going on my entire life," says Joseph Siegelman. "When he was released on appeal in 2008, we never thought he would go back."

But in September, his dad, former Governor Don Siegelman, was taken back to a federal prison in Louisiana after being re-sentenced to more than six years for bribery and conspiracy.

Joseph Siegelman says as he watched his dad walk into prison, one thought crossed his mind.

"You're losing your dad. You're taking him and losing him," he says.

Joseph Siegelman says his dad is remaining strong, and is grateful for all the support.
But he says his dad is still in prison, and still locked away for something he says he didn't do.

"I think he's finally lost faith in the system," he says.

President Obama is the only person who can pardon the former governor.

"We have no idea. No way of knowing if the president even knows who Don Siegelman is," he says.

And President Obama has produced fewer pardons than any other president in a single term.

"We know we have as good of chance as winning the lottery. It's very slim," he says.

Joseph Siegelman says he's in his last semester of law school, so it's been hard seeing his father. But come may, that all will change.

"I'm picking up a lot of legal slack, because he has exhausted his funds. He can't afford to pay for attorneys anymore," he says.

Joseph Siegelman says he and his family are refusing to give up. He says they won't stop until the battle is won.

"We believe in him. We believe in the case," he says.

Joseph Siegelman says his sister has started an online petition and is also passing out a paper petition. He says they've collected more than 50,000 signatures.

To sign the petition:

Dana Siegelman, Don Siegelman's daughter, is also planning a march in Selma on March 3. She is asking for people to come out and help fight for her father's freedom.

Former HealthSouth C.E.O. Richard Scrushy, who was convicted along with Don Siegelman in 2006,  got out of prison in July, but still faces three years of supervised release.