Complete List of Democratic and Republican Candidates for Major State Offices


By Alabama News Network

Here is a list of the Democratic and Republican candidates for major state offices in Alabama:
U.S. Senate
R-Jeff Sessions (incumbent)
U.S. House of Representatives
District 1
R-Bradley Byrne (incumbent)
District 2
R-Martha Roby (incumbent)
D-Erick Wright
District 3
R- Mike Rogers (incumbent)
R-Thomas Casson
D-Jesse T. Smith
District 4
R-Robert Aderholt (incumbent)
R-Thomas E. Drake II
District 5
R-Mo Brooks (incumbent)
R-Jerry Hill
District 6
R-Chad Mathis
R-Paul DeMarco
R-Will Brooke
R-Gary Palmer
R-Tom Vigneulle
R-Robert Shattuck
R-Scott Beason
District 7
D-Terri Sewell (incumbent)
D-Tamara Harris Johnson
R-Robert Bentley (incumbent)
R-Stacy Lee George
R-Bob Starkey
D-Parker Griffith
D-Kevin Bass
Lt. Governor
R-Kay Ivey (incumbent)
R-Stan Cooke
D-James C. Fields, Jr.
Attorney General
R-Luther Strange
D-Joe Hubbard
Secretary of State
R-Reese McKinney
R-John Merrill
R-Jim Perdue
D-Lula Albert-Kaigler
R-Young Boozer (incumbent)
D-Joe Cottle
Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
R-John McMillan (incumbent)
D-Doug "New Blue" Smith
Public Service Commissioner Place 1
R-Jeremy Oden (incumbent)
R-Kathy Peterson
Public Service Commissioner Place 2
R-Terry Dunn
R-Phillip Brown
R-Chris "Chip" Beeker Jr.
R-Jonathan Barbee
State Auditor
R-Adam Thompson
R-Ray Bryan
R-Hobbie L. Sealy
R-Dale Peterson
R-Jim Zeigler
D-Miranda Karrine Joseph
Alabama Supreme Court Place 1
R-Greg Shaw (incumbent)
Court of Civil Appeals Place 1
R-William C. "Bill" Thompson (incumbent)
Court of Civil Appeals Place 2
R-Scott Donaldson
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1
R-Mary B. Windom
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2
R-Beth Kellum (incumbent)
R-Kimberly Harbison Drake
Alabama Board of Education - District 4
D-Yvette M. Richardson (incumbent)
Alabama Board of Education- District 2
R-Betty Peters (incumbent)
R-Barry R. Sadler
Alabama Board of Education- District 6
R-Cynthia McCarty
R-Patricia McGriff
Alabama Board of Education- District 8
R-Mary Scott Hunter (incumbent)
R-Mike Parsons
R-Ginger Cochran
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