One-on-One with Clyde Chambliss, What's Next for the Runoff Winner?


By Ashley Thompson

After yesterday's run-off, Clyde Chambliss secured the republican nomination for the Senate District 30 Seat. In an exclusive one-on-one interview with us, he tells us his plans for the future and talks about what he believes is Alabama's number one problem.

Clyde Chambliss says it's been a long, sometimes stressful eight months on the campaign trail. He's already won a primary runoff, beating 3 candidates trying to win this seat and is now looking forward to what's ahead.

After taking some time off to recharge, Chambliss will set his eyes on the general election and then the state house.

"I'm sure we'll have 11 or 1200 bills right off the bat that are filed," he says. "And we'll just start reading, understand our issues."

Chambliss says he believes the most important issue is money. He says he wants to make Alabama's financial base stable.

"If money is real tight and you don't have any leeway, then all of your options are off the table so that's goal number one for me and fortunately we've been able to do that when I was at the county commission years ago. We're in the process of completing that at the city council."

And because Chambliss believes most issues tie back to finances, he says establishing discipline is key.

"The biggest issue is our financial base at the state," he explains. "Our general fund budget is struggling. Our education trust fund is in a little bit better shape. But that's issue number one."

Chambliss says while on the Autauga County Commission, he was able to get things done, while building a surplus. Though things may not be so easy in the state house, where lawmakers argue to get heard. But Chambliss tells us he's ready for it.

"I'm sure that's going to be 5 to 7 times worse than what I've dealt with before but we're anxious and real excited about it. I'm looking long term and moving us forward in a positive way...long term. Sometimes that's different than short term but the long term benefit is what I want to look for."

He says he first needs to get over what he calls a small hurdle, defeating Bryan Morgan of Prattville to win the seat in November. Morgan has qualified to run as an independent.

There is no democrat running for Senate District 30 seat in the general election.