Civic Clubs Trying to Reach Out to Younger Generation


By Ashley Thompson

The Montgomery Lions Club donated 30 thousand dollars to various local charities today. Civic organizations, like this one, are known for their volunteer service but with social media now connecting people, these clubs are having to work even harder to recruit members.

Civic clubs used to be where you would go to meet people and make connections. But some of these clubs are dwindling in membership, which is why they're making a push to connect with younger people.

"The best part about civic clubs is being able to give back to the community," says Sue McCarron.

McCarron is the office administrator for the Montgomery Lions Club. She says the club is making efforts to reach out to more people.

"Really, we have such a fun club and I'm not going to lie, it's sort of like a frat party with a purpose."

And that purpose is to serve the community. The club has been connecting people in Montgomery since 1922, but with social media growing, civic organizations are having trouble reaching a new base. Zack Camerio is 27 and one of the younger members of the club.

"Right now I think the civic community is very slow and stagnant so it's hard to get people involved, especially with the economy, involved in a civic organization where you have to pay dues."

The Junior League, Rotary Club and the Lions Club are just a few service of those organizations in Montgomery but members say the financial obligations are well worth it. Tony Graydon is the Vice President of the Montgomery Lions Club and tells us the club is using facebook to reach out to the younger generation and will soon be on twitter.

"We'd love for them to come be in a meeting like this, just to see first hand what it's all about," he says. "It's a fun group. You get connected with other members of the club."

"Those dues go to something more than just, it's more than just coming out of your pockets, it's helping out the community," says Camerio.

The Lions Club uses events to raise money and draw in more members, including a chilli cook off, a deer hunt and a gold tournament.

The club is always looking for new members, both men and women can join. For more information, just call their office at 3561180.
Montgomery also has a slew of other civic clubs, all of which you can find online.