Athletes Take Caution When Practicing in Triple Digit Weather


By Ashley Thompson

It was very hot outside today with the heat index hitting over 100 degrees and weather in the triple digits is expected for the rest of the week.
Athletes across the state still have to practice in this weather so how will they keep safe during this heat wave?

It's August in Alabama and it's hot. But football players across the state are still suiting up and practicing in the heat. Ricky Scott of the Carver Wolverines tells us what he wears to practice.

"Tights for my skins, gloves for my hands and basic shoulder pads and a helmet."

...Which is a lot of clothing, when you consider temperatures will be above 100 for the rest of the week with the heat index. Carver Head Football Coach Billy Gresham tells us he watches his athletes for heat exhaustion. If there's any sign of it, that athlete is immediately taken out of practice.

"We take them out and the first thing we do is take them into the air conditioning and we change them out of all their clothes and get them in some dry layers and let their body cool down a little."

Alvin Briggs with the Alabama High School Athletic Association says each coach is trusted to make the right call when it comes to whether or not a team will practice in the heat.

"All of our coaches, not just our football coaches, are required to take a heat acclamation course that's offered by the National Federation of High Schools that our board enacted this year so that also gives them guidelines to watch."

Is it possible to beat the heat when you're when fully padded and running drills? Maybe...if you stay hydrated and listen to your body.

"They'll give you a break and if you feel comfortable, you can go back out there," says Carver football player Ismail Saleem. "Then they'll let you but most of the time, we check with our trainer."

"Iif they're dizzy or throwing up and we judge them from that," says Gresham. "A lot of time,  if they're having any kind of heat exhaustion symptoms or anything like that, we take them out of practice."