Alabama Restaurant Week: Montgomery


By Heather VacLav

The state is celebrating the Year of Alabama Food with the first ever Alabama Restaurant Week. More than 200 restaurants across the state are participating and a dozen of those are in Montgomery County. The promotion runs Friday, August 17 through Monday, August 26th.
“We hope this introduces people to restaurants perhaps they never tried before, or their favorite restaurant, as a way to kind of come back and celebrate with them,” said Grey Brennan, Regional Director of the Alabama Tourism Department.
During the 10-day promotion, restaurants involved are offering fixed-priced menus, lunch: $5-15 and dinner: $15-30, at both upscale and casual eateries.
“Anything we can do to continue to push the growth of downtown Montgomery, I think its good for the city, good for the state,” said Central Executive Sous Chef Gary Thorne.
Montgomery County Restaurants:
  • Bandanas Restaurant
  • Baumhowers of Montgomery
  • Baumhowers of RSA
  • Central
  • Chris Hotdogs
  • Dreamland BBQ - Montgomery
  • Michael's Table
  • Midtown Pizza Kitchen
  • Roux
  • The Deli At Alley Station
  • Wintzell's Oyster House - Montgomery
  • Wishbone Cafe
While 12 Montgomery area restaurants are involved in Alabama Restaurant Week, others feel left out.
“We never had any information to sign up with,” said Larry Strichik, owner of Boomer T’s BBQ. “If we would have had some information we would have loved to been part of it.”
Strichik feels the state didn't communicate or advertise the promotion enough to mom and pop restaurants.
“We put the word out through the Alabama Restaurant Association through local chambers, to announce that we are having a special week,” Brennan said. “But of course restaurant tours are very busy people and they perhaps, some of them may not have heard about it.”
Strichik says many smaller restaurants, like Boomer T’s BBQ can not afford to be a part of Alabama’s Restaurant Association, and by doing so, miss out on being involved in events like Alabama Restaurant Week.
The Alabama Tourism Department believes if this year’s promotion is as successful as they plan, more restaurants will sign up next year.
“Anything that's good for the state, and good for business in the downtown area or Montgomery or around the state, we're all for it, we're all to help anyway we can,” Strichik said.