ASU Students React to SGA Letter Calling for Trustees to Resign


By Ellis Eskew

Alabama State University is making headlines again but not for what the students call the "right reasons."

 "With being HBCU, it's given a lot of people more reason to down us I guess, but it happens. It could happen to Alabama, it could happen to Auburn. Just so happens it happened at Alabama state," said student Deandre Rashada.

Rashada is referring to the letter student government president Darren Dubose sent to board chairman Elton Dean and vice chairman Marvin Wiggins asking them to immediately resign.
It comes after three accreditation downgrades within the last several months with a letter from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools citing sanction of conflicts of interest and financial instability.

 "Sometimes I feel embarrassment to walk out in the city of Montgomery, so I feel like it was the proper word. I feel though as the Board of Trustees this particular leadership did not handle the situation properly," said Dubose.

Student Marcus Berg says he is proud of the way the SGA is handling it.

 "I'm not sure its been going on a long time, but I feel the SGA is finally doing something for the students to put their foot down and students feel like we have a voice where in past years we felt like we didn't have a voice," said Berg.