ASU Student Government Association Outlines Demands


By Ashley Thompson




It has been quite a week for Alabama State University. The school continues to face the fallout from placing its President on administrative leave.


The Student Government Association here at Alabama State held a press conference at the Acadome to lay out a list of demands. We spoke with several students on campus and got their thoughts on all of the drama.

The ASU board of trustees appointed former President Dr. William Harris interim president, ordered a complete audit of the school's contracts and took no action regarding the status of suspended ASU President Joseph Silver, citing his mother's recent death. The meeting was delayed two days by the board so Governor Robert Bentley could attend.

"This University is vitally important to this community, to this state and to this nation and we don't ever need to lose sight that our students are our first priority," says Governor Bentley.

The SGA held a presser to outline what they expect of the school. Among the demands; A portfolio of all the university's contracts dating back to 2008 and the immediate removal of interim President Dr. William Harris.

On campus the students say they want more answers.

"Why did they hire John Knight to be interim President after he was fired earlier that day? Why did they reinstate William Harris when he was asked to step down by the federal government? Why do they do anything they do?" asks student Sharanna Polk.

"They done did some devilment long years ago and it's coming out right now and they're just trying to keep it on the low," says student Lavunte Brown.

The SGA says their demands are as follows:

1.) A forensic audit conducted by an out of state firm

2.) A portfolio of all University contracts dating back from 2008

3.) A copy of the original minutes from every Board of Trustees meetings since August 2011.

4.) Remove Dr. William Harris as interim President for the ultimate reinstatement of President Joseph Silver.

The SGA says if their demands are not met by December 5th, they will prepare to take further action.