ASU Reshaping Administration


By Alabama News Network

Alabama State University announced a plan today to reorganize the school's administration, cutting some positions as well as creating new ones.

One of those changes includes not filling Representative John Knight's position after he retires this year. 
President Boyd says that this reorganization is in reaction to the university's credit being downgraded as well as the audit from the state government last year. 
The audit found evidence of wrongdoing and financial mismanagement, which in turn led to the school's credit being downgraded by Moody's. Boyd wants this to be the first step in correcting those problems. 
"We're excited as we make the changes, we're looking at both sides, how we can be fiscally sound as well as more efficient in how we operate and we're bringing in those experts who can do that for us," said President Boyd.
The new organization will make Vice presidents report directly to Boyd. It also eliminates the office of executive vice president, currently held by state representative John Knight. But Knight had already announced he was retiring from ASU after this year to focus on the legislature. 
"I think it's in good hands as we move forward. I will be very supportive of the university to move forward, to continue doing the things that we're doing. I make no apologies for the growth, I make no apologies for the fights, the struggles that we've been in to sustain this university," said Knight.
Even though Boyd has only held her office for a few months, students are impressed with the steps she's taking to rebuild the school's reputation. 
"Things are just going right the way a president should. I think next year is going to be a good year," said student Darrius Grant.
"I think you always have to start out small to be able to work towards a bigger goal. So I think that's what she's doing, working small to help build our credibility back up," said student Precious Wynn.
Boyd plans to complete the project by May this year in time for the fall semester. 
The university has already made one new hire for the new position of Vice President of IT.