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Hilltop Apartment Building Still Stands Vacant

The Hilltop Arms Apartment building near Five Points in downtown Montgomery was supposed to get a multi-million dollar facelift years ago but that never happened. Read more »

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Israel Crisis Hits Home For Maxwell Airman

Lt. Col. Hadida is a member of the Israeli Military and works as part of its Air Defense Force. The group has had a lot of work lately, mainly with the Iron Dome, a missile defense system that shoots down rockets in midair. Read More »

Gov. Bentley Appoints New ASU Trustee

Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed Pam Ware of Pike Road as a trustee of Alabama State University. Read More »

Montgomery Police Looking for Lawnmower Thief

Crimestoppers need your help finding a man who stole 9 lawn mowers from a Montgomery store. Read More »