Troy University Police Searching for Three Men who Robbed Student at Gunpoint


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University police are still searching for three men they say held up a student at gunpoint last night on campus.

Troy University police say the student was just getting out of his car when three men came up to him in the parking lot and took his wallet and cell phone at gunpoint.

Artez Jones is the residence hall director for the alumni hall next door to where the robbery happened. He said the student came in around 7:40 Monday night and asked for help. "He was a little shocked, a little nervous, a little upset," said Jones.

He says they immediately called for police. "They did a great job making sure he looked at each of the individuals to get a description of who the fellas or gentlemen were that robbed him," said Jones.

Troy police say several witnesses saw the men, who they say didn't look like students. "Every witness will be talked to, and hopefully we'll solve this case, we've got some good leads right now," said Troy University Police Chief John McCall.

Meanwhile, Troy University students say they're a little on edge. "I thought it was kind of, you know, scary that it happened right on campus," said one student.

Troy University police say they hope more students will report suspicious behavior on campus by texting anonymous tips, part of a new system they're unveiling the semester.

"We can go out and investigate these people and try to find out why they're on campus. The bottom line is if somebody had called last night and told us these guys were on campus that didn't fit in, we could have gone and talked to them and this crime never would have occurred," said McCall.

Troy University police say students can text their tips to 50911 with the words "trojan tip," and a description of their suspicions. All tips are anonymous and will go straight to the Troy Police Department.

If you have any information on this case, you can call the Troy University Police Department at 670-3215 or the Troy Police Department at 566-0500.