Troy Mayor Announces New Recycling Initiatives


By Brittany Bivins

Thursday is "America Recycles Day" across the country, and one Alabama city is trying to step up participation in its recycling program. Troy Mayor Jason Reeves announced Thursday as "Troy Recycles Day," and laid out some new initatives meant to grow the economy and help the environment.

The City will provide blue bags for recyclables to every waste disposal customer in Troy. It will also install recycling bins in every city building. Reeves says expanding the recycing program will help bring jobs to the area, and cut down on the amount the City must pay to its current landfill provider in Coffee County.

It's estimated that each Alabamian disposes of about 6.3 pounds of garbage every day, which could quickly fill up valuable landfill space. "If you think about that number, 6.3 pounds per person per day, that is a tremendous amount of waste, so it's really just about bringing awareness to people, for them to know that there are a lot of things that you don't have to throw away, because when you throw them away, it has an impact, and when you don't throw them away, it has a positve economic impact," said Reeves.

The City of Troy will also create a sustainability committee to help identify better ways to reuse the City's resources.