Troopers: Avoid Birmingham Area if Possible as Drivers Recover Vehicles


By Alabama News Network

Across our area, things are beginning to thaw. That's true for much of Alabama, as the state starts to recover from the winter storm.

State troopers say they have seen a big decrease on the number of crashes statewide throughout the day. The winter weather began to thaw across much of the state. That caused many cities to open roads and lift lowered mandatory speed limits. Still, not everywhere in the state is out of trouble yet, and there are some areas troopers are asking you to avoid.

"In the northern part of the state, strom area, I would try to avoid that area if possible. There's still going to be a lot of people trying to get out and recover their vehicles that were abandoned during the storm, things of that nature, so try to avoid that here unless you have to be there," said Sgt. Steve Jarrett with Alabama State Troopers.

State officials are warning drivers that some water could freeze again overnight, so they say you should continue to use caution on the roads.