Some Voters Still Undecided the Day Before the Election


By Lisa Blackwell

On the eve of the general election, most polls show that many voters have made up their minds who they're voting for. But what about the small percentage of people that are still undecided?

Candidates are making one last ditch effort for support through a barrage of tv ads and mailers and it appears some voters will be pouring over the material trying to make that last minute decision.

As presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney make once last appeal for votes, some people will be watching closely.

A few voters at a Montgomery post office say they haven't decided. Mikki McCoy says she won't know until she's at the poll.

"I've seen everybody what they all have to say and it's just a matter of getting down to the wire and looking at that ballot, that'll be when I make up my mind," said McCoy.

Her husband Shawn McCoy says he's undecided too and may vote for a third party candidate. "You've got the underdog who's kind of going to stick to their guns that I think would be the better choice in the matter cause they're not under the spotlight like everybody else is and under pressure like everybody else is they're not saying what people want to hear," said McCoy.

There's also indecision in the Alabama chief justice race. Republican and Former Chief Justice Roy Moore is running against Democratic candidate Bob Vance.

Voters are still doing they're homework on that race. Tom Garrett, an undecided voter, says "Got a read a little bit more about Moore and I know what he did when he was in there before and all the problems that were caused and how he didn't work with the legislature and all that and see if he's changed, he says he's changed, but how do you know."

Cyndi Carter, another undecided voter, says "Been listening to all the candidates talk and been reading the newspaper and just trying to study up on the amendments and resolutions and I'm thinking by later today certainly by the time I go to the polls in the morning I'll have made a decision."

The undecided voters we talked to say they don't think they will vote a straight ticket Tuesday. They will probably choose the person over the party.