Rep. Alvin Holmes Robbed At Montgomery Convenience Store


By Catalina Trivino

A state representative is speaking to us exclusively about being robbed at a Montgomery convenience store.

Convenience store clerks at the Citgo gas station off West Fairview Avenue say they were totally shocked when a man snatched State Representative Alvin Holmes' wallet in front of the cash register and ran out the door.

Holmes says he usually comes to the Citgo to get gas and grab a newspaper. It was nothing out of the ordinary for him until...

"When I reached in my shirt pocket to pull out the money to pay for the gas that I was getting , some person that was in the store quickly snatched all the money out of my hand," Said Holmes.

He says he was getting his change back from the store clerk. There was about $300 in his wallet. And it left Holmes, along with store clerk, Zubayer Alan, shaken up.

"So on that time, there is a little guy, a short guy. He is like 20 years old. He is standing beside that guy for a long time. He's watching him. He's watching his wallet. I can tell like that. I'm feeling it right now," Said Alan.

Both Alan and Holmes say it happened in seconds and the robber ran out the door crossing West Fairview Avenue.

"This is the first time something like that had happened and it did shake me up," Said Holmes.

Alan says there is surveilance video, although Montgomery Police have not released it. Alan says the robber who stole the money is about 5'4" with dark skin.

"He's not more than 20 years old, he's skinny, wearing a hood, with a white jacket and he had a pocket over there. He took the wallet over here and ran," Said Alan.

Police say the robber did not pull out a weapon. Holmes says he does not believe he was targeted because of his position.

"They'll do it to anyone it's not because of a person's status or any of that sort. They see money [and] take it from anyone," Said Holmes.  

Holmes was not hurt.

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