Parker Griffith Wins Democratic Primary For Governor


By Ashley Thompson

 Parker Griffith has won the democratic nomination for governor. This was no surprise to experts who said he would, but he tells us he's relieved now that it's official.

Parker Griffith celebrated with family, friends, and supporters after securing the democratic nomination for governor. And he came out swinging against Governor Robert Bentley, who he'll face in the general election. 
''We have got an administration right now that is interested in turning the clock back. Its about nostalgic politics, 'can't we go back to the good old days where everyone knew their place?' Alabama is presenting an image to the rest of the nation that they are anti-women, anti-hispanic, anti-blacks and anti-business and we are losing jobs because of it.''
Griffith tells us he spent all day monitoring the polls and speculating on results. He says he's pleased that Alabamians gave him the opportunity to get one step closer to becoming governor.
''Men and women all over America lost their lives, they gave their lives for the right for us to vote and for you to be here tonight.'' 
Griffith's supporters say they want Griffith to take Alabama in a different direction.
''The thing is, when the republicans took control four years ago, its obvious if you look at how our state was four years ago and you look at how it is now, you can tell that something went wrong,'' says Grayson Everett. 
Griffith has three main platforms; creating a lottery to fund education, bringing quality, high-paying jobs to the state and expanding Medicaid. And some supporters say it's that last issue that's most important. 
''The state of Alabama is in desperate need of some changes and Medicaid expansion is number one among them and Dr. Griffith really needs to win so we can all have better healthcare in this state,'' says Tyler Reynolds. 
''With politics, a lot of times, people forget why they're elected in the position and it's to take care of the people. You're supposed to take care of your population and the main thing that really concerns me is the expansion of Medicaid and Parker is on the right side of that issue,'' says supporter Reginald Winston. 
Griffith's spokesperson tells us his campaign will heavily rely on social media in an attempt to reach the younger voters.