MADD Reminds Drivers of Drinking & Driving Dangers Over the Holidays


By Heather VacLav

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD is reminding all of us to be safe while traveling this time of the year.

The Alabama Chapter of MADD held it's first candle light vigil Saturday for the victims of drunk and impaired driving crashes.

The vigil serves as a celebration for the lives of those lost, but also brings awareness to the senseless and tragic act of drunk driving. Members of MADD say it happens more often while people are celebrating during the holidays.

Pamela Morton with State Victim Services says the vigil honors those who have the ultimate price by losing their lives.

"To honor their families and give them the opportunity to gather together," Morton said.

"MADD has been very helpful since Andrew was killed," Holly Beach, a volunteer and mother of a victim, said.

Beach explained MADD offered a variety of resources to her family to get through the grief process.

Those who attended Saturday's vigil were able to walk around a memorial garden and view pictures of their loved ones formed into flowers.