Manhunt Underway In East Montgomery


By Ashley Thompson



"I think in these challenging times you're not safe anywhere," says East Montgomery resident Sheyann Christburg.

Christburg has lived in East Montgomery for 9 years. She says although the area has been relatively safe, that doesn't mean people should let their guard down.

"I don't think anyone is subtracted from incidents like this anymore," she says.

Both a home invasion at the Taylor Crossing Apartments and a burglary occurred at the intersection of Taylor Road and Atlanta Highway. William Silas Garrett Elementary School was placed on lockdown. But some locals say crime isn't something that they're used to.

"I jog every night. I never see no problems, never hear no noises. It's been a peaceful community for the 13 years I've lived here," says East Montgomery resident Christopher Sherrill.

Deputies used K9 units and even a helicopter to search for the fleeing suspects. Some residents are hopeful that police will find them.

"If you live at the apartment complex I'm at, they all talk to me and it seems like they're really out to do their job," says resident David Coleman.

"If they do find them it would make them feel better and it would make me feel better," says Christburg.

Authorities cannot confirm whether these two crimes are related.

We will bring you the latest on the search for these suspects as we get it right here on CBS 8 News.



A manhunt is still underway in East Montgomery following a home invasion and a burglary.