Hundreds Protest New Gun Control Laws in Montgomery


By Brittany Bivins

This week President Obama proposed to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines, angering many gun advocates. Hundreds of them protested at the capitol Saturday, saying any new gun legislation would threaten their constitutional rights.

Pro-gun ownership rallies like the one in Montgomery were planned for 49 states across the country today, most of them at state capitols. Ralliers say they see any new gun control legislation as a threat to their constitutional rights.

"I see the second amendment under attack by the current regime in power in Washington, and I think it's time that we made our voices be heard," said James Wilson.

Many protestors say they carry a gun for protection, and they're worried they could be in danger if new restrictions are enacted.

"I'm worried about the fact that they're trying to ban all guns. I don't want them to ban all the guns," said Juanita Johnson.

"If they take away our guns, that's going to leave us vulnerable to criminals," said Jeremiah Splunge.

However, one woman at the rally launched her own counter-protest, saying some restrictions are necessary.

"I think that when you have something dangerous, regulation of that is not infringing on our rights. We have a lot of things that are part of our rights that are regulated," said Christine, who only wanted to give her first name.

However, pro-gun ralliers say they just don't trust the government to make those decisions.

"We don't believe what they tell us and our guns are our way to keep them in check. They know we've got them, they know we have that key capability and I believe that's the only thing that keeps them in check," said Roy Carter.

Rally organizers say they're still working to collect signatures on a petition, protesting new gun laws that they'll deliver to state legislators.