Lawmakers Not Likely To Debate Charter Schools Again


By Lisa Blackwell


Charter schools were debated in this year's legislative session.. but maybe not again next year.

Lawmakers say it's all about alternatives for parents and students and finding a way to fund a better education.

Senator Dick Brewbaker sponsored charter school legislation in the senate last time around. He says it's unlikely to come up this time around.

'There's clearly not support in the house for it right now and I don't think there's strong support for it in the Senate," said Brewbaker.

He says Senators are working on new initiatives to provide parents other choices.

"Bills having to do with vouchers, there will be bills dealing with new forms of scholarships so that students of low income parents or students that are trapped in failing schools those parents will have options to get their kids out of those schools and into a better learning environment," said Brewbaker.

Representative John Knight is opposed to charter schools. He's in favor of finding more money to build a strong public education system.

"I don't think if you separate say, the non-performing schools and then you have the performing schools things of that nature, I think that that really hurts education hurts diversity I think all of us can learn a little something from everybody in the school system," said Knight.

People we spoke with say if charter schools are not an option, legislators should explore alternatives.

Robin Hunt, a supporter of educatonal options, says "We've been throwing money at the public education system for years and it's getting into the bureaucracy levels and the administration but it's not getting to the teachers and students who truly need it so if there's an alternative such as charter schools, then I am totally in favor of it."

David Sadler supports educational options too. "Being one of the worst school systems in the state any alternative, if the public systems not working why not explore other options," said Sadler.

Governor Robert Bentley who supported charter schools the last time around says he believes the state can build on the successes within the framework of Alabama's schools. We're everywhere in Montgomery Lisa Blackwell CBS 8 news.

The 2013 legislative session begins on February 5th.





Some lawmakers tell us they're working on other options on improving education.