Brundidge Police Searching for Shooters


By Brittany Bivins

Police in Brundidge are searching for two teenagers they say robbed and shot a man at his home Tuesday night. It happened in the 500 block of Railroad Avenue around 9 PM.

Police say the man answered the door when the teens knocked. When they asked for drugs, he told them he didn't use them, and they left. However, Chief of Police Moses Davenport says they returned a short time later with a gun. When the man answered the door, they threatened him, allegedly stealing about $800 from his pocket. They then allegedly shot the man in the leg as he was trying to escape.

Chief Davenport says they have positively identified one of the alleged shooters, but aren't yet releasing his identity. He says it's unsettling that the teenagers are from the area. "Anytime we had something like this, it's been someone out of town. Some years ago, we've had a robbery, but not by local people," he said.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Brundidge Police Department at (334) 735-3333.