95-year-old Trooper Recognized in Pike County


By Brittany Bivins

Law enforcement officials in Pike County are taking time to honor one of their own. 95-year-old Curly Long is the oldest living retired state trooper in Alabama. On Friday, dozens of people came to the Pike County Courthouse in Troy to honor Long and his service to the state. Long joined the State Troopers in 1952, and served for 22 years.

People who know Long say he was tough, but fair, and he made a long-lasting impact on everyone who worked with him. "Trooper Long is well-loved. He's been around a long time, well-respected, everybody knows him and everybody's honored to know him. He's regarded as a legend among the State Troopers," said Sgt. Tommy Merritt.

As for Long, he says he enjoyed his long career serving the people of Alabama. "The job I had, some of it I liked, and some if it I didn't like. A lot of it, most of it I liked," he said.

Long received awards from the Fraternal Order of Police and Alabama State Troopers, along with an official proclamation from the state legislature in honor of his service.