Woman Charged with Killing Montgomery Man Who'd Been Reported Missing


By CBS 8 News

Montgomery police say they've arrested Tasha Atchison and charged her with the death of Paul Tatum, Jr., who'd been reported missing yesterday.

Police have charged Atchison with murder. She is being held under a $75,000 bond.

Police say Sunday morning, they got a report of a missing person, Paul Tatum Jr.  They say his stepson told them Tatum had not been seen since Saturday.

Police say they went to Tatum's home on Longview Court, where they say they discovered indications of foul play.

Police say at approximately 3 p.m. Sunday, ABI agents found a body later identified as Tatum's in Lowndes County off of Alabama Highway 21.

Police say Tatum, 65,  and Atchison, 29, were acquaintances, but had been involved in an argument that escalated.

No other information has been released about how Tatum was killed.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jun 12 at 12:21 PM

Love you, Tasha. This will all be over with soon. No matter what anyone thinks or says I know the person you are. By the way I think the autopsy proved Mr. Tatum did more than dabble in meth.

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jessica said on Monday, Sep 10 at 12:59 PM

ok, since the first comment did not get posted...let me refresh...yes, her children were there...and so weere 3 other children that were not hers...a six yr old and a nine yr old watched the murder, and her 12yr old helped her wrap the body and put it in the truck...david had four fatal stab wounds, 13 defense wounds, and then he was shot..overkill..and this was someone he trusted...alot..and cared for..she should get the death penalty..he bled out, so he suffered...and she should suffer too..and to the "cousin"....you have serious issues if you think the kids dont laready know..they watched it..those poor kids will forever be scarred from what they saw...reading any of this isnt gonna hurt them any more than their mama already has...

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jessica said on Monday, Sep 10 at 12:51 PM

and futhermore...huh....david was NOT a meth dealer..he dabbled in it...yes, it was wrong, but for you to act like him being dead is taking meth off the streets of prattville...haha...your seriously mistaken...

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Anonymous said on Friday, Aug 17 at 8:31 AM

ok as for that "wow" person...tasha is my cousin and yes you are right she is no different than the rest...but i do not wish the death penalty on her! because she is family and unless you know the full situation then you have no room to say that she fully deserves the death penalty! she was close family but i never put anything past her...but still we love her regardless and would appreciate it if yall would please stop making these accusations when you really dont know nothing about it! and for that anonymous dude that said she is not human?! really?? she is my family and im so sick of hearing yall downgrade her...(which you know i understand but keep the comments to yourself) and i dont think you would want your kids reading this about you! and i know her kids could be keeping up with the story...so please at least watch your mouth out of respect for the kids! thanks

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Anonymous said on Friday, Aug 10 at 7:35 AM

i think it is very sad,and yes her kids seen alot more than what people think,trust me i know.tasha was a very quiet person but seem to be troubled im sure because of the drugs,but for no reason to kill some one and dump them on side the road like trash,shes where she needs to be.because them kids didnt need to see all that.my heart goes out to the kids and the tatumn family..thank god the kids are ok and in a better place,with their father

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Wow said on Friday, Aug 10 at 12:02 AM

Trash will always be trash....she is no different than the rest..give her the death penalty along with all the other sick, heartless, evil people who decides that killing someone is the best solution...people ate just evil and sick...

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Aug 9 at 9:16 PM

This VERY sick female(shes not a woman) should get the death penalty for this aweful crime she committed.shes a evil sick twisted unhuman animal.this man was highly respected and was only helping this gold digger get on her feet.she is exactly where she deserves to be for the safety of all normal human.her kids will be much better off now shes behind bars.

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R said on Thursday, Aug 9 at 12:41 PM

She did not kill him in front of her kids. Her kids were at their father's house. Just a little FYI since you thik you know so much.

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Really said on Wednesday, Aug 8 at 4:06 PM

I believe it should be noted that he was buying his meth from her. She also killed him in front of her children. That part has not been said yet. Real piece of work.

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huh said on Wednesday, Aug 8 at 1:45 PM

she is not perfect nor is he he is a meth dealer now the people in prattville will have alot less meth on our streets bc thats where he lived

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non said on Tuesday, Aug 7 at 4:52 PM

she shuld get the death sentence no one deserve to be killed like that and droped off on the side of the road

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