Troy Students Using iPads in Classroom


By Brittany Bivins

Some classrooms in Troy are getting a major technology upgrade. Students at Charles Henderson High School have been using iPads to replace some textbooks for about a month now. The goal is to make sure every student and faculty member has access to one, according to administrators.

Students say, like any new technology, there's been a learning curve. "I would say the only minor roadbump has been people playing Angry Birds, but really, it hasn't been a major problem," said Sophomore Lauren Keely Post.

However, students and teachers say the advantages far outweigh the complications. "It makes it a lot easier to study, it almost makes you want to," said Post.

CHHS English teacher Kira Aaron has been using the iPad in her classes and ACT prep for the educational apps, including the dictionary. She says the access to technology will help students succeed beyond the classroom. "They have an advantage over a lot of other students, because they know how to use lots of different forms of technlogy," she said.

The school system is leasing the iPads for three years. They say the switch will also help save money on paper textbooks.