State Rep. Alvin Holmes Introduces Bill to Repeal New Gun Law


By Ashley Thompson

Alabama's newly passed gun law, which allows people to carry an exposed weapon in public places without a permit, has had people divided on the law since it went into effect in August.

Now, a lawmaker is leading efforts to repeal the law.

Representative Holmes tells us he wants to make it clear that he supports the Second Amendment but does not support the current gun law.


House Bill 18, sponsored by Representative Alvin Holmes, aims to repeal the recently passed gun bill, a bill he says creates a more dangerous environment.

"I don't know no state in the nation where you can just walk in Wal-mart with a 38 on your side or walk in the mall," he says. "I mean, that's what they did in the Wild West so this will repeal that."

The current law allows people the right to carry an exposed weapon without a permit. Holmes tells us his bill would allow people to carry a concealed weapon...but the gun owner must have a pistol permit. Some people we spoke with say they would support Holmes' bill.

"I feel like it's very unsafe, especially for kids to see it or to walk around with it," student Kezia Swift says of the current gun law. "It's unsafe for everybody."

But others say they want the current law left alone.

"A dishonest person, no matter what laws you pass, is still going to get what he wants and is going to do what he wants with it," says Montgomery resident Robert Bigger.


Holmes tells us he believes the gun bill passed in the first place because some lawmakers were pressured by gun-rights lobbyists to vote in favor of it. He says he believes many of those who voted for the bill, didn't really understand it at the time.


"Many of them had not read the bill fully so therefore they want the bill repealed," he says. "Most members of the legislature, both black and white, republican and democrat want the bill repealed but a lot of them don't want to lead the efforts."

So Holmes says he will lead the efforts.

Though people continue to be split on the issue.

"You know you can have weapons in your house, but not just carry it anywhere you want to carry it to," says resident Marvin Hardy. "I don't think that's right."

"If I'm in a Wal-mart and somebody comes in and starts shooting, I think it would be awesome if somebody else was there to shoot back," says Holly Chastain.

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Romeo said on Thursday, Sep 5 at 7:05 AM

He doesn't know no...? There are several states that allow open carry. If he didn't know that, then he hasn't done any research.

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Patrick Kirk said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 12:50 PM

Laws restrict actions or activities they do not grant permission. Remember these representatives and their actions come 2014 elections! This is prime example of the blind leading the blind and the only way for it to stop is vote them out!

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Kyle McDonald said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 12:36 PM

Just challenge the new law as unconstitutional. The state constitution excepts weapons out of the general powers of government. The State Congress didn't have the authority to introduce, consider, or pass the legislation. Of course, then you would have to throw out all the other gun laws as well...

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the evilest skorzeny of all said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 12:00 PM

imagine that... holmes belongs in chicago more than in alabama with an attitude like that....

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Michael Montgomery said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 11:49 AM

What a stupid idiot! Holmes, you are an embarrassment to Alabama. Open Carry has always been legal, you moron! The new law didn't affect that!

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josh said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 11:11 AM

some of the worst journalism i have ever seen. its also sad to see that we have people in office who are as dumb as this and they make laws. as stated above and contrary to mr holmes thoughts, there are several states that allow open carry. no wonder this world is so screwed up

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Ranger said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 11:02 AM

Alabama is one of 45 states where a citizen can carry a pistol openly. Five states, WY, VT, AZ, AR, and AK are constitutional carry states where no permit is required to carry openly or concealed. In states like AL, MS, VA, NH and WI, no permit is required for open carry, only concealed. States like GA and TN, a permit is required to carry but the citizen can choose open or concealed. Open carry has been lawful in Alabama since it became a state in 1819. The AL Supreme Court ruled in the 1840 case of State v Reid, that the state can outlaw concealed carry but "the state can not inhibit the citizen from bearing arms openly.." To do so would violate the state constitution and the ALSC ruling in State v Reid.

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Herbert Arnold said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 10:56 AM

This is journalism? Did anyone actually look at the laws and what changes the recent bill involved? I have seen better research done by blind elementary kids using an Etch A Sketch. The recent changes in the law had NOTHING to do with open carry of a firearm. The interviews showed the complete lack of knowledge of the "average" citizen (and apparently one Representative) on the past and current gun laws. Maybe Channel 8 could research what the laws ACTUALLY are and then report on the issue for a change and educate the public????? What a concept.

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dennis stacy said on Wednesday, Sep 4 at 10:39 AM

Another half baked untrue interview.Does anyone ever check facts beforwe airing it? You can repeal all of Alabama's gun laws and it would have no affect on open carry of a firearm and this bill did not do one thing to change open carry.I challenge you to show me an open carry law. Pitiful Journalism or a lack thereof

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