Online Insurance Verification System Cracks Down On Uninsured Drivers


By Catalina Trivino

If you're an uninsured driver, beware -- starting today, Alabama is using a new computer program, to identify uninsured motorists instantly. No other state is doing it like Alabama...


The new program is known as the Online Insurance Verification System and Alabama is the first state to implement the program to this effect.

This is no computer game. It's actually a new online, real-time system that can instantly verify whether you're insured.

"It allows the county license plate issuing official to verify insurance at the time of registration or law enforcement to verify insurance at the time of a traffic stop or an accident. It also allows the Department of Revenue to verify insurance at any point in time," Said Jay Starling with the Alabama Department of Revenue.

This means officials be keeping a close eye on whether you have insurance. Starling says Alabama is the sixth worst in the nation for uninsured drivers on the road, which means about 22 percent of people behind the wheel don't have insurance.

"People have car accidents all the time, so it's just like anything else, most people have medical insurance, so I think people should have car insurance. If you're driving on the roads, you want to keep your kids safe. I want my kids to stay safe. I want people safe," Said Montgomery resident, Aristotle Kirkland.

And if you aren't insured, expect to pay a hefty price. Fines are as high as $500 for first time offenders and $1,000 after that.

"It will also result in the suspension of registration, which carries along with it a $200 re-instatement fee or a $400 re-instatement fee and a mandatory four month suspension," Said Starling.

Alabama State Trooper, Steve Jarrett, was unavailable for an interview, but he says they have zero tolerance for violators of this law. It's just another tool to help all law enforcement enforce Alabama's liability insurance law.

Officials from the Alabama Department of Revenue hope the program will cut the number of uninsured drivers to under 10 percent.

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A very concerned ALABAMIAN! said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 7:07 PM

I want driving to be safe as well & like it was said, "Most people" have medical insurance (They can't afford it!) I just received a career in my field of study & was told I may lose it because of the fiscal Cliff. In Alabama people can be fired without a reason, what will they do just because their boss doesn't like them? We need another solution! To turn the economy around umm dont we need people working and how can they work without a car? Another law that keeps people in a hole and takes MONEY they don't have to crawl out of! This will affect people looking for jobs who aren't making money to pay bills. This promotes drug sales & every other illegal things in order to afford insurance because most common people don't have solid jobs let alone careers to keep driving "now". This was not well thought out! Make it easy & not a hardship while promoting insured driving. If I was Major, Governor, Senator, Commissioner or the like, I wouldn't worry My job is solid!

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Disgusted Alabamian said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 10:47 PM

Alabama has bigger problems than non insured drivers. How much is this costing us? Oh wait, the insurance companies most likely generously donated to help this oh so worthy cause. Next we'll start building a bridge to nowhere.

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Pamela said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 3:32 PM

Very happy that Alabama has started this new insurance computer program! I only wish that it was in force years ago due to a uninsured and drunk driver that hit me . The penalty wasn't nothing compared to the damage that driver caused in my life!

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Pamela said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 3:41 PM

For those Alabamians whom don't wish to comply with the new insurance rule, They can always ride a bike! This will ensure "us" responsible Alabamians are safer on the highways and "our" families. So many people are affected by uninsured motrist.

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anonymous62 said on Saturday, Jan 5 at 9:49 AM

Alabama Mandatory Car Insurance penalty is a Tax on the poor,elderly and Disabled.To increase the financial burden of such people and the State should be ashamed.

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