Hundreds Show For Montgomery's Trayvon Martin Rallies


By Ashley Thompson

Across the country, rallies were held to remember Trayvon Martin.

Through rain and shine the protesters prayed, marched, chanted and remembered Trayvon Martin in their own way. Representative Alvin Holmes was a guest speaker at the 'I Am Trayvon Martin' rally, and says he will continue to protest the outcome of the case until civil rights charges are brought against George Zimmerman.

"Yes it's a race issue," he says. "Yes it's a race issue. Zimmerman saw a black man at night and shot him. He should have stayed in his car like he was told to stay."

Some wore shirts with Martin's image, brought skittles and donned hoodies, attempting to draw comparisons between themselves and the slain 17-year-old.

"I could have been Trayvon lying on that ground fighting for my life and could have been in a casket.," says protester Derrick Smith. "I just think that it's wrong and I send all my prayers to Trayvon's Family."

"It could have been my child," says Patrice Smith. "It could have been friends, nephews, whatever."

Others came to protest the Stand Your Ground Law, a self-defense law that shot into the spotlight during the Zimmerman trial.

"It's one thing to defend yourself but it just has too many flaws," says Pat Thornton. "It just opens the door to misuse and abuse."

Both the Justice for Trayvon Rally and the I Am Trayvon Rally drew big numbers and organizer Earl Wagner says he believes Montgomery's rallies will have an impact on other parts of the country.

"There are a lot of cities that are much bigger than Montgomery but because this is the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, those other cities, they're looking at what we are going to do."

On Monday

at 6:30, Representative Alvin Holmes says another protest will be held at Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. 


Montgomery was the site of two rallies, both demanding justice for the unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman.

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WF said on Sunday, Jul 21 at 9:36 AM

Let the World see the real Trayvon,If not why not??I would like to see 60minutes do a program on this THE TRUE would be NICE for a change

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mb said on Sunday, Jul 21 at 7:08 AM

Race became the issue when the news media altered the 911 call by Zimmerman deleting words and questions asked by operator to make a buzz worthy story. The racial slurs came from Trayvon calling Zimmerman a white cracker. You brought up O.J. so lets go. O.J. was not found guilty of killing to white people (by the way Zimmerman is not white), but white people didnt take to the streets protesting, looting and demanding anything. We asked for a trial and got a verdict and obeyed the law that the jury had spoken. Martins demanded arrest, jail and trial which they got. But now because the outcome was not what they wanted they now demand we will protest until we get our way. Furthermore, its sad that the Martins have trademarked their sons image and are making millions by keeping this thing going. Zimmerman is not a murderer anymore than Trayvon is 12 and totally without any blame in this situation. Wake up,stop blaming and handle the real problems and white crackers aren't it.

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Logic said on Saturday, Jul 20 at 9:44 PM

Why does the word "thug" only apply it to a person of color. Were Jesse James or Billy the Kid thugs? No they were "American outlaws", but Trayvon is a thug because he had a fight and smoked weed. This is the contradiction that black people see from many white people. I'm saddened about what's going on in Chicago but this case is not merely about crime, rather about the admitted killer who initiated the interaction, walking free. And why aren't the same people who are now so concerned with Chicago, defending some of the people in Chicago who have claimed self defense? Because Chicago is just a talking point to say:"Why are you worrying about a non black killing you, worry about you killing you". Well why did white people have so much interest in the O.J. trial. over the white people that killed white people in California that year? Even if O.J. did it we know it had nothing to do with race but in this case where race played a factor, we as blacks should ignore the racial element?NO

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mb said on Saturday, Jul 20 at 6:58 PM

The very act of his parents using a photo of Trayvon from 5 years ago speaks volumes about what the real issue was. Trayvon had become a thug wanta be and decided he was going to give the mean old white cracker (his words) a beat down. Just didn't work out like he thought. Justice has been served move on. Look into the 47 killed in Chicago over July 4th weekend. That's where all the rallies should be taking place. Or how about actually addressing the problem of blacks killing each other (highest crime rate there is), but that would not allow them to blame their communities' issues on white people, so that will never happen.

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