Saturday, December 20, 2014

Budget Crisis May Force Early Release of Prisoners
By WNCF Staff

Thee-thousand non-violent prisoners may get an early release, according to Alabama's State Finance Director.

They will be released if the legislature adopts Governor Bentley's proposed general fund budget.

David Perry made his comments today in a joint session of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

Perry says the Governor's budget assumes cutting $25 million from the Department of Corrections budget and recommended reclassification of non-violent, non-sexual offenders is a better way to reduce the number of inmates.

Committee members discussed a number of bills designated to reform Alabama's sentencing procedures.

Senator Cam Ward, District 14, says, We face one of the biggest challenges in the history of the correctional system in Alabama.

"At a 100% and 90% capacity we’re the most overcrowded prison system in the United States today, as the finance director said. The state could be looking at mass release of prisoners due to the budget crisis. We have to do something now to prevent that from happening," Ward said.