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New Initiative Designed to Help Curb Crime and Beautify Neighborhoods

There is a new initiative to help curb crime in the community - - And it starts by cleaning up your neighborhood. Read More »

Marbury Residents On Alert After Series Of Suspicious Crimes

CBS 8 is taking action against crime -- Autauga County deputies and residents say they're worried about suspicious crimes happening in the Marbury community. With no leads, and the crimes still happening, they need the your help to solve the cases. Read More »

Mongtgomery Mayor's Race a Year Away

Montgomery voters will go to the polls next year to vote on the next mayor. Montgomery mayor Todd Strange says he's still undecided about another term. Read More »

Former Montgomery First Lady Anita Folmar Dies

Montgomery's former First Lady Anita Folmar has died at the age of 84. Read More »

Montgomery's Riverfront Fifth Annual Dragon Boat Festival

Folks from all across the river region packed Montgomery's riverfront today for the fifth annual dragon boat festival. Read More »

Millbrook Police Investigating a Body Found in Wooded Area

Millbrook Police find a body they believe may be that of a missing Elmore County woman. Read More »

Pets and Heat Safety

The River Region is under a heat advisory for the next few days as temperatures soar to triple digits. Read More »

Transportation Report: Alabama's Poor Road Conditions are Costing Motorists

A new national report shows deficient roads and bridges in alabama could be costing you a lot more than you think. Read More »

Record Gator Taxidermist Talks about the Big Catch

A huge 15 foot gator was caught in the Alabama River in Wilcox County over the weekend. Now the taxidermist who is about to perform the taxidermy is speaking out about it. Read More »

Neighborhood Watch Groups Discuss Crime Prevention

CBS 8 is taking action against crime tonight -- neighborhood watch groups in Montgomery say crime prevention is at the top of their list of priorities...Some say the crimes are even driving homeowners out of their neighborhoods -- so they're doing something about it. Read More »

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