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A House Divided Between Brothers playing for AU and SC

The Hooper household has bled orange and blue for years... Perry Hooper Jr. went to Auburn and his wife, Judy, was an Auburn cheerleader. But there were some years they were pulled in two different directions. Read more »

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Man sentenced to life in brutal beating

Man sentenced to life in brutal beating Read More »

How Low Will Local Gas Prices Go?

Prices at the pump may even go lower. Read More »

Update to Perry Hill Road Interchange

New Update to Perry Hill Road interchange Read More »

What will it take to Win the SEC West?

It's what makes college football so exciting-- bitter rivals battling it out on the field to be number one. Right now, the competition couldn't be much better for the teams in the SEC West. Read More »

Montgomery Bus System Cutback Concerns

Montgomery's bus system is facing some challenges. And it could be in danger of going away. Read More »

What City, State Officials Learned After Montgomery Ebola Scare

It's a scare no city wants to hear -- someone there infected with Ebola. That's exactly what happened in Montgomery last week... but that Ebola infection was a false alarm. Read More »

Deandra Lee Trial Triple Murder Trial Rescheduled

The trial of a man accused of killing 9-year-old twins and their caretaker is being moved to next April. Read More »

People Gather to Support "Step Out Walk to Diabetes"

People all across the river region descended on the Blount Cultural Park in an effort to combat diabetes. Read More »

Remembering Former Alabama Education Association Treasurer Paul Hubbert

Former Alabama Education Association Treasurer Paul Hubbert was Remembered today at a memorial service at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center. Read More »

Are Bama Fans' Expectations too High? Saban thinks So

At his press conference this week addressing the fans, Alabama head coach Nick Saban didn't mix words. Read More »

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