Where Are The Burglaries In Montgomery County?


By Catalina Trivino

CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery are taking action against crime -- as the weather heats up, Montgomery County deputies say more burglars could be trying to break into your home or business.

There have been 44 burglaries so far this year in Montgomery County -- that's higher than this time last year. Deputies say in looking at those statistics it's likely those numbers will be even higher in the coming weeks.

Thomas Norman lives in the Ramer community in south Montgomery County, a rural town where most people know each other, but has seen six burglaries in the last three months.

Lately, he's been locking his doors and making sure the alarm is on.

"All around here on the other side of Ramer... [it's] where they've been breaking into other people's homes. And I'll tell you, a lot of people are scared. In fear," Said Norman.

They're just part of the 13 burglaries in south Montgomery County.

And the hotter it gets..

"[Burglars are] looking for homes that are possibly off the roadways, so that if they go behind the home or something they won't be seen," Said Cpl. Cedric Leonard with the Montgomery Sheriff's Office.

Betty Bailey lives in north Montgomery County, where deputies say there have been nine burglaries so far this year -- many along Lower Wetumpka Road and Dee Drive. It's why she makes sure her alarm is set.

"And if anybody tries to raise a window or break into a window, that burglar alarm will go off. The Sheriff would be here in a split second," Said Bailey.

Deputies say there have been another 21 burglaries in three months in East Montgomery, along the Pike Road area. They say ultimately, it's best to not keep your valuables outdoors they say that can lure the burglars indoors.

Deputy Leonard says more patrols will be out as the weather warms up. Deputies say most of their burglaries happen between April and June. Last year, they had a total of 66 burglaries during those months.