What's Left For Lawmakers This Session?


By Alabama News Network

The clock is running out for lawmakers to finish their business this session.

They will be off next week for their spring break, but will only have three meeting days left when they return.
Legislators wrapped up one of their major responsibilities this week by finishing the general fund budget.
But the education budget is still hanging in the balance, waiting for a joint committee to compromise the different versions.
But State Representative Joe Hubbard says he won't be happy with the outcome.
"We have struggled for four years to get these budgets balanced, to be responsible with the taxpayers dime. And year after year after year we come up against the same answer, to balance it on the backs of the state employees and on the backs of the teachers," said Rep. Hubbard. 
But there are other bills that are still pending in both houses. Sate Senator Dick Brewbaker has several that he wants to see make it through this year. 
"I think mainly the fact that we haven't passed any of the major pro life legislation. Every republican ran on that as part of our platform, and we need to do what we said we'd do just to be honest with the voters so I think we need to get that out," said Sen. Brewbaker.
But both lawmakers agree that there won't be much time left for local bills to make it. 
"Unfortunately there are bunch of house bills in the senate waiting to come out. There are a bunch of senate bills in the house waiting to come out," said Hubbard. 
"There are a few pieces of local legislation that we're waiting to see what happens. But my gut feeling is that none of the local bills that haven't already passed are going to," said Brewbaker.