Warm Welcome Home For American Idol Finalist


By Sarah Cantey

Jess Meuse's American Idol may have come to an end, but it was anything but a sad day in her hometown of Slapout for her first visit back.

Hundreds cheered and screamed lining the streets of Slapout for a parade Saturday.

Meuse made it all the way to the top four and was eliminated during the last episode. Her fans waited in line for more than an hour to get her autograph after the parade.

Jess Meuse said to the crowd, "I didn't expect this. I just flew in this morning, I've been up all night and it's like cupcakes at my house and everybody's here. And I didn't know if there was going to be like 3 people or not...from the bottom of my heart I love you all so freaking much I really do."

Jess was only in town Saturday, she flies to New York and then back to Los Angeles.

Her mother says even though her journey to become this year's American Idol is over, her busy year is just beginning.