Taylor Road Traffic Worries


By Alabama News Network

Taylor Road has a reputation for being a congested area of Montgomery.

And with a new shopping strip coming this summer, some are worried it will only get worse. 
You can depend on Taylor Road being congested every morning and every night.
And some residents think that another shopping area across from eastchase will make matters worse. 
"I can imagine that they're going to have to do some other things too to prepare for even more traffic," said Emily Dudley who lives in east Montgomery.
Kalu Kalu works at AUM and is worried not only about traffic, but about the residents with the construction in their backyards. 
"I felt that I liked the trees, I felt that the aesthetics are going to be disrupted. If you look behind there, it's residential area. So with the noise and the change in the characteristics in that area is also going to be a problem," said Kalu.
Even with all the issues, Montgomery police say that the area is still safe, especially since they added red light cameras. They say Taylor Road doesn't see any more accidents than other areas of town. 
"The publics is more aware, the drivers who take that route more often, they have been cited or know people who have been cited through social media or word of mouth, they're being more cautious not to run the light," said Sgt. BJ Champlin.
Sergeant Champlin also says that the outer loop project should be a big help once it's finished. 
"The state's in the process now in conjunction with contracts to get the outer loop project done. Which I believe will divert some of the traffic to the back of eastchase and will help relieve that main entrance there off Taylor Road."
The city is still waiting on plans from the developer before they draft any changes to Taylor Road. 
Some of the businesses going into the area include Full Moon Barbecue, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Carraba's.