Spring Break Sales Soar In Greenville


By Amanda Wade

Spring Break means a week of fun in the sun for many people headed to South Alabama's beaches. That is not only good news for beach-goers, but also for local businesses.

Business owners, like Becky Sloane who co-owns Bates House of Turkey, say this year's Spring Break traffic is lifting spirits by filling restaurants daily with extra customers and bringing a huge increase in sales, "I'd say it's almost like 40%. When you're coming off of Winter you've got a big 40 to 50% big jump which is great."

And vacationers are not just stopping for food. Gas station manager, Thomas Matthews, says this March, he's seen nearly 500 extra people come through his doors each day, "It seems like every few years, everybody decides, 'We're going to the beach this year no matter what,' and this seems to be, hopefully, one of those years."

Sloane also notices that this year seems to be shaping up for booming business, "Well I've just got back from the beach, and more or less, I think a lot of the places down there are saying that they're already booked for the Summer which is good news for us, because that means they're going to be on the road going South."
Managers also say they have been able to hire additional employees for the season, and hope to keep them on board through the Summer months.