Rising Unemployment Worries College Students


By Alabama News Network

Alabama's unemployment rates is up for the first time in months. 

With graduation quickly approaching for many college seniors, they're worried that there won't be jobs when they get their degree.
Alabama's unemployment rate was holding steady for several months. But with the number on the rise, that raises concerns for students like Albert Drakeford. The Auburn Montgomery senior is trying to find a teaching job, and he says it's been a tough process.
"It can be scary because you're wondering whether or not you will have a job once you graduate. I hear a lot about teachers, new teachers coming in being able to work, but I know the workforce is as competitive because you've got teachers coming in from out of state who may have more experience than you do," said Drakeford.
Amy Lapointe just started her college experience this year, but with at least three more years of schooling to go, she's already worried about finding work after college.... but she hopes the economy picks up before she gets her diploma.
"I definitely hope so. I'm keeping an optimistic view because if I don't look forward to the future I really don't see a point in me being here," said LaPointe.
But the Department of Labor says that just because the unemployment rate has moved up, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
"Because even though we saw the unemployment rate increase slightly, we also saw the number of people working in Alabama increase as well as the number of people in the civilian labor force. What that tells us is that there are more people in the work force and they're either working or looking for work, so those are always a good sign," said Tara Hutchison with the Department of Labor.