Prattville Hair Stylist Perfects Jess Meuse's Pink Streak


By Ellis Eskew

Carmen Darden is used to cutting, styling, and coloring hair. She co-owner of Escape Salon in Prattville.

Jess Meuse was on a break before "Hollywood Week" on American Idol.
And she contacted Jess through facebook to see if she would like her to do her hair professionally.

 "She messaged me right back and said absolutely. She was excited because she said I didn't have anybody to do my hair," said Darden.

So Jess came to the salon and Darden says it was quite an undertaking.

"We spent the whole day together. It took a long time... it was really neat to see my work on national television. That was really neat," said Darden.

Darden says that was the first time she had actually gave someone pink hair... But it wasn't the last.

"She said 'hey I do Jess' hair' and I said 'wow this is so cool!' said Mike Hauck with a pink goatee.

Hauck is a big fan of Jess. He's been followng her music career for years.

 "It started out as an attention getter. There are like thousands of fans and I wanted her to notice me," said Hauck.

"He sat here, and ladies all here in the salon, and he chatted with everybody. And he was really cool guy, but I thought it was just for that night," said Darden.
But it wasn't just for one night!
The pink is here to stay... At least through the competition.

"We're going day by day, man, whatever I want to do," said Hauck.