Fans in Prattville Cheer on Jess Meuse on American Idol


By Ellis Eskew

As Jess Meuse  took to the stage Wednesday night, friends and supporters gathered at Blue Iguana Bar and Grill to watch  Slapout's hometown girl.

Benson Runyan says, " Back when she use to perform here locally at a place called "Liquids" I ran sound for her. I looked at her and told her 'you're going places.' The girl's got talent and heart."

Jess sang "White Flag" by Dido, saying it reminded her of growing up and coming into her own. She said she wanted to show the country what Slapout was made of. But the judges didn't think its performance was as good as she could have done calling it sharp, off, and didn't show enough emotion. However, the local crowd disagreed.

Friend of Jess', Dusty Hiatt says, "They are way out in left field somewhere. I think she was's second nature."

No matter what they say they are cheering on Jess all the way.

"Whether she makes the top or not she is already in a league of her own. She's going places. That girl is lovely, beautiful, and Jess, knock 'em dead girl," said Runyan.