Faith Matters: Church Holds First Midnight Basketball Game


By Brittany Bivins

Montgomery faith leaders trying a new way to get teenagers off the streets and into the church. To do that, they're using a game--basketball.

Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church leaders say they reached out to the community and asked what they needed from the church. One answer they got over and over--a positive outlet for teenagers. That's one reason they're holding a 3-on-3 Midnight Basketball tournament on Friday, August 29th. It's open to all teenagers, free of charge, from 10 P.M. to midnight.

Bishop Freddrick Hardy says the church got the idea after doing a lot of neighborhood canvassing.

"The neighbors told us that there's a lot of teenage kids who are walking the streets, 12 and 1 A.M. in the morning," said Hardy.

They hope the Midnight Basketball will channel kids' energy in a more positive direction.

"They would also instill certain qualities such as self-esteem, self-efficacy in our youth and that would decrease some of the violent behavior that we've seen so far in the city," said organizer Felecia Barrow.

The tournament is open to all teenagers, and it's completely free. You can register before the game or at the tournament, which will be held in a parking lot adjacent to the church building on Highland Avenue.

For more information, call Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church at (334) 832-4845.