Troy City Council Passes Draft Beer Ordinance


By Sarah Cantey

Restaurants and bars have to wait only one more day before selling draft beer in Troy. 

The city council passed the draft beer ordinance at tonight's council meeting. 
In a unanimous vote, this will allow on premise sales, meaning you have to consume draft beer in a restaurant or bar. 
The ordinance must be advertised in the local paper and then it's law. So starting Thursday places with their liquor licenses can add draft beer to their menus. 
Troy City Councilman Marcus Paramore said, "It's a real big day for those restaurants owners and those people who want this. It'll help their business it'll help with economic development. It'll help with tourism. So it's a good day for them as well as the constituents who wanted it and want to partake in draft beer."
This doesn't apply to off-premise sales, meaning you can't buy a keg and take it with you.