Don't Drop It On Alabama


By Amanda Wade

Don't Drop it on Alabama is a statewide Spring cleanup program held every April to combat litter across the state, and officials in Butler County hope it starts an anti-litter mentality in the area.

Greenville's horticulturist says she noticed a growing litter problem in the city, so this week officials are asking for the community to pitch in on some Spring cleaning that could help the economy.

Nearly 1,500 litter bags are ready to be filled in Butler County. Community members are being asked to pick up the bags from the sheriff's office, fill them with trash, and the county will pick up the bags when they are full.

This is the first year the county has taken part in the program, and organizers say it is just in time, "2013 was a bad year for the city; I noticed we had a lot more litter on the streets, and the city crews usually pick up some, but we're so busy in all the other activities that that kind of has to be the second thing we do in a day," says Greenville's horticulturist, Jennifer Stringer.

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden says inmates will be participating in the Spring clean up all week, but so far, only a hand full residents have volunteered to help, "I'm hoping that we get more people involved in trying to keep the streets clean and have them watch it also and if they see somebody that's dumping trash, that they will contact us."

Business owners in downtown Greenville say the litter can have a negative impact on the economy, and they are hoping the program will lead to cleaner streets for more than just a week, "My hope is that it just maybe puts a bug in everybody's ear and a little thing in the back right here (points to head) that keeps us mindful of the fact that let's just pick it up and throw it away," says Camellia City Bakery owner, Ann Judah.

The program runs through April 26th and officials hope to fill all 1,500 litter bags.

Alabama's People Against a Littered State says it is estimated that one mile of highway contains nearly 16,000 pieces of litter.