Alabama Lawmakers Push For Stricter Abortion Laws


By Alabama News Network

Lawmakers are trying to make Alabama's abortion laws even more strict.

But some are surprised that the issue is coming up in an election year. 
Right now, women in Alabama have to wait 24 hours after deciding to have an abortion to get it. 
One would raise that to 48 hours.
"It is a continued attack on the ability for a woman to make her own choices about reproduction. They are just putting bill after bill, some of them textbook bills, literally textbook bills, to restrict a woman's rights and to eliminate abortion in Alabama," said pro-choice activist Joann Cummings. 
Another bill would require doctors to check for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion and if one is found they would not be able to abort the fetus. 
One of the bill's supporters is college student Hunter Mills, who says his birth mother almost chose to abort him but elected to give him up for adoption instead. 
"We hear so much about pro choice, pro life. We don't hear enough about adoption. We don't hear enough about these alternatives and we need to start hearing about those alternatives," said Mills.
State Representative Joe Hubbard sits on the health committee, and he said he was surprised to see these bills coming through this year. 
"The word from on high was this was going to be a non-controversial session. We'd get in, pass the budgets, go home. Do the people's work and get out of town. I think this package of bills suggests that there is a different motivation at work," said Rep. Hubbard. 
Whatever the motivation, there is both a lot of support and opposition to changing abortion laws in Alabama.
"So what you're doing is you're protecting the lives of people who are going to add to society," said one speaker. 
"I guess what I'm saying is it's just none of your business. Just leave us alone. Thank you," said another.