Abortion Bills Lead To Long Debate In State House


By Alabama News Network

The bills go from extending the time before a woman can have an abortion to banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been found.


Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin is sponsoring the heartbeat bill, and she says it's a personal issue for her.
"It's important to me because I respect life. God created us and for us to take a life, an innocent life that has no repercussions, it can't fight back, it just is taken, that to me, is just wrong," said Rep. McClurkin.


But there has been a lot of pushback on the bills. Rep. Pebblin Warren is concerned that this will lead to more trouble and danger for women.
"What we're going to see is the more we try and legislate a person's life the more we're going to see things in black markets, in underground operations. I know it's going on now. There's some situations where teenagers are trying to drink things to abort," said Rep. Warren.
Lawmakers pushing for the abortion regulations are hoping to have the strictest laws in the country. But Warren says she thinks the state is going to far. 
"Personally I think we're overstepping our boundaries It's one thing to try and regulate something. But when you start mandating a person's personal life and personal choices, you have some issues."
But even though there's been debate, McClurkin is confident.
"There are still those people who don't believe in protecting life but in the end, I think it will pass."