Men, Women and Marriage

By Health Day

In most marriages, communication is key to success. If different communication styles aren't respected...things can get ugly. So here's some research worth talking about!

A brand new study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, proves husbands and wives express love differently on a day-to-day basis.

And contrary to popular belief, men may use more creative approaches than women when it comes to ensuring marital bliss!

Researchers looked at data collected from 168 married couples at four different time periods over a 13-year period. The found that both genders were equally likely to show love through affection and warm, intimate behaviors!

Women though tended to express love through compliments and kisses and by being less antagonistic and negative in other words, holding their tongues.

Men, on the other hand, showed their love in physical ways ... by initiating sex, sharing more leisure activities with their spouses and sometimes offering to do housework together!

The researchers concluded that more than likely, the behaviors men and women use to show love- though different are mutually reinforcing.

I'm dr Cindy Haines with health information for your entire family.

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