Cardiac Connection?

By Health Day

Joint replacement surgery is becoming quite common. More than a million Americans...and nearly 2 million people worldwide have their hips or knees replaced each year.

A new report, just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, finds some of these patients may be more prone to cardiac problems following the procedures.

Researchers looked at data from nearly 100,000 patients in the Danish National Registries and found a 25 to 31 fold increased risk for heart attack during the first two weeks of recuperation.

The risk sharply declined after that time period...but remained, in some measure, for six weeks after joint replacement.

Patients younger than 60 didn't appear at risk, while those over 80 were especially prone to heart-related issues post-surgery.

This study confirms that the time after surgery can be terribly stressful to patients.

Physicians and their patients need to keep a close watch on any heart concerns...and patients need to keep taking all prescribed medicines designed to reduce this risk.

I'm dr Cindy Haines of Healthday TV, with the news that help to keep your family healthy.

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