Hollis Lasik


By Ashlee Meriwether


       1100 South College St., Suite 108
        Auburn, AL 36832
Phone: 334-826-8778
Toll Free: 800-698-4746 (AL and FL Only)
Fax: 334-826-7134
Lasik Eye Surgery Specialists Auburn Alabama
High Quality Lasik Eye Surgery for Half the Cost - Hollis Lasik
Hollis Lasik has been providing affordable, high quality lasik eye surgery for the greater Auburn, AL community for the over 10 years. Specializing in refractive (vision correction) surgery, Dr. Stephen Hollis has performed over 115,000 lasik surgical procedures to eliminate eyeglasses. Using a cool, gentle laser beam to reshape the cornea, Dr. Hollis eliminates or drastically reduces the need to use glasses or contacts
Customers come from Atlanta, Montgomery, Columbus, Birmingham and all over Alabama and Georgia to see Dr. Hollis at his office in Auburn, AL. People come to Dr. Hollis for his known expertise and professionalism as one of the leaders in the laser vision industry


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