Capital Pawn Shop


By Courtney Heinlein

4359 Troy Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36116 (334) 288-2225

If you need some extra cash or want to get rid of items you don't use anymore, come to Capital Pawnshop. Our pawn shop offers an extensive selection of jewelry, electronics, instruments, tools and guns. We also offer jewelry repair, layaway service, loans, tax preparation, cash advances and more.

Call Capital Pawnshop at (334) 649-7376 today to sell or pawn your jewelry, electronics, instruments and even DVDs!

If you want a new camera, video game system or fine jewelry, you can find what you need at Capital Pawnshop for a fraction of the retail cost. Owing to our unparalleled customer service and 55 years of experience, we have earned memberships in several recognized organizations. Call our pawn shop at (334) 649-7376 today for more information on cash advances for pawning your items. Capital Pawnshop - We're putting our money on you!

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