Volunteers Distribute 7,000 lbs. Of Food For Those In Need


By Catalina Trivino

One group of Christians in Butler County is joining together to feed those in need...

It's called the Joseph Ministry Program -- and what's so unique about this is even those in need are helping others by volunteering to create hundreds of food boxes.

Mattie Powell has been volunteering with the Joseph Ministry Program for nearly a year helping fill boxes with food for those who need a little help.

"I'm always giving and fixing and cooking stuff for people, I like helping people," Said Powell -- but she, too, is getting a box. And packing isn't a requirement to get one. She says it's just an act of kindness.

"After I finish packing, I get my box and go home," Said Powell, who is one of 220 people who will be getting a box full of vegetables, fruit, desert, drinks and a meat -- all at no cost.

On Wednesday, people from all faiths across Butler County divided nearly 7,000 lbs. of food into boxes. When the packing was done, it was followed by a prayer.

"It's really heart-warming to me to see, as you saw, some of them were on walkers. Some of them can't stand for long periods of time, so they put a chair beside the island of boxes and put the food in the boxes," Said Volunteer Coordinator, Steve Davidson.

One of those people is 72-year old, Martha Fulton, who recently had open-heart surgery and a stroke -- yet she says it's not stopping her from doing this.

"You can never repay what God gives you, there's no way, but to just see the faces of those people while they're packing and they say, 'hey look at what we got today! Look we're going to get this!' It's really really great to know that they're excited about that box of food!" Said Fulton.

This happens once a month and organizers tell us it's designed to be towards the end of the month when items run out.

Organizers tell us you have to qualify with DHR in order to get a box. Volunteers will distribute more boxes on Saturday.

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