Faith Matters: Why Catholics Confess


By Sarah Cantey

Confessing away all of your sins may sound overwhelming. But, priests say it is a lot less intimidating than it sounds. No matter who or what you believe in, you've probably felt that urge to get something off your chest. 

Father Den Irwin, St. Martin Of Tours- Troy said, "I think we all understand the need to get things out and to deal with them. Obviously this is why counselors are so helpful to a lot of people."
And for some Christians, the sacrament of confession, penance or reconciliation is a way to regain the grace of god. 
Father Irwin said, "only God forgives sins but we believe he does so through the ministry of priests and bishops."
It starts by seeing a priest like Father Irwin in a confessional, sitting face to face or anonymously side by side Father Irwin said, "that person will confess his or her sins, and then I will try to give that person some advice, and then absolve that person of his or her sins."
Confession may be a unique concept to some denominations, but Father Irwin says it's something everyone can understand.
Father Irwin said, "to find one or two friends who are knowledgeable and trustworthy, who wont go spreading a bunch of rumors and who are honest with you enough to say you know I think you are be able to talk to someone in a confidential way and that really helps us."
Father Irwin says it is best to go at least once a month to see all the benefits of talking to someone.

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